Copyright Policy

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Artist Tesa Michaels All artwork including and not limited to paintings, home décor, jewelry, images and content on; Artist Tesa Michaels is legally protected by U.S. and International Copyright Laws.

All artwork my not be duplicated physically which includes but is not limited to technique, composition, exact materials, and or exact style in any way. We strictly protect our copyright interests of original artwork. In the event infringement is discovered, you will be notified and legally prosecuted for Copyright infringement where you will be liable for all damages, court costs and attorney fees.

No artwork, images or content may be used, changed or duplicated for any reason with out the written permission of Tesa Michaels or her legal advisors. Which includes but is not limited to commercial use, on any social media websites which included personal or professional pages or for personal use of any kind. Unauthorized duplication or usage of original artwork or content is prohibited by the Copyright law and will be legally prosecuted. All artwork on is still under the rights of the artist even when sold, which included current owner of artwork. No duplications are allowed in ANY form at any time.

No original artwork may be purchased and resold for any reason within a professional setting of any nature at any time or with out written permission of the artist or her legal advisors. No original artwork is authorized to be distributed of any copies of the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending. All sales of artwork of Tesa Michaels are only granted by artist Tesa Michaels herself or her specific galleries that are in current representation. All others will be prosecuted including the U.S. and Internationally.